In terms of replacing the locks, there's no lot that could be wrong with the locks on your door lock for your car. Replacement isn't a difficult procedure. If you are experiencing an issue, take a look at the door locks of your car before you rush out to Car Lockout Services in Aurora to fix the locks. Most of the time, just a few minutes can fix the issue.

Step 1.  Frozen Locks

In the winter, moisture may enter the car door locks, causing them to not unlock when you attempt to turn the keys-in actuality the key won't even turn in any way. Keep a bottle of WD-40 close by (keep it in your home or garage and not in your car). Put a bit of it into the lock of the car door and wait for 30 seconds. Insert the key into the lock, and it should spin easily.

Step 2. Rusted Locks

If your car is sitting for long periods in rainy weather, rusted car door locks could be the cause. Spray some WD-40 into the lock, and then wait for an hour. Insert the key and attempt at turning the lock. It may be difficult initially. You can try wiggling the key. It'll soon start to move and you'll then be able to open the door of your car.

Third Step. The Key Not Working

If the key is turning in the lock, however, the lock does not seem to work, chances could be that the rod has become loose. If you are able to get inside the vehicle, you are able to work on the issue. Begin by removing the covers for the speakers as well as the armrest. It's time to unscrew the covers. Remove the door's panel by gently lifting it from the clips made of plastic that hold it in place.


Unscrew the handle of the interior door and then take off the clips that hold the inner workings of it. The handle will fall free within the car. It will allow you to get access to the rod which connects to your car's door locks. Take a look at the rod. It should be connected to the lock on the car's door. If it's not connecting then reconnect it and make sure it's secure and secure. Try to move the key from outside. The rod should be moved while the doors should then open without difficulty.

Step 4. Broken Key

A key that has broken off from the door lock of your car is a common occurrence that many have encountered. If this happens, you're left with the option of replacing the door locks of your car with Toronto Locksmith. If you are able to enter the car using another method you can do that, and then follow the steps for the lock to stop working.

Remove the rod from the lock, and make use of pliers to take off the bolts holding the handle of the car door onto the rod. Remove the clip that holds it in its place, and take the handle off. The snap ring should be moved on the door lock from the car and then taken off the clip. Once you've removed the clip, you'll be able to take out the old lock. Replace it with a brand new one and then reassemble the handles and door.

Power Door Lock Repair

Did your car door locks stop working? Are your locks locked but won't open? The most frequent issue they solve by the repair of your car door lock is either the switch or the actuator.

The actuator for the car door lock substitution will replace the functioning motor of your door lock. When you push the power lock button, it locks the door and opens your doors.


The door lock of your car switches replacement is the central command point of the door lock's function. It sends the signal from your switch directly to your actuator.

There are actually two choices with a faulty door lock actuator or an inefficient door lock switch:

  • Manually use the locks manually
  • Replace the door lock actuator
  • Replace the door lock switch

There's a price to pay for the door lock replacement components. However, it will restore the car ease you've grown accustomed to.

What is the price for the repair of a door lock cost? Do you require a replacement door switch, or is the actuator in need of replacement? Repairing your power lock is typical. After a quick check at our garage, They'll determine if replacing the actuator for your car lock or switch can restore the function of your power lock.